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Features - Container Trolleys



All Plastic Container Trolleys come fully assembled ready to use. We sometimes use the term ‘Fixed Construction’.

Static Container Racks

It is also possible to request a trolley style to hold trays and containers without wheels this is known as a ‘Static Container Rack’.

Trolley Width 

The width of a container trolley is determined by the size of the container / tray that it is made to hold. We sometimes use the term ‘Rail-width’ this means the distance left-to-right between the rails, which support each container or tray.

  • Standard width of a Euro (600 x 400mm) trolley is 540mm
  • Standard width of a Bakery (30” x 18”) trolley is 600mm

Single / Double Trolleys

A single trolley means one single column or containers above one another.

A double trolley one complete unit, but with two columns of containers side-by-side.

Trolley Depth

This is the term we use to describe the distance front-to-back of a container trolley, which is determined by the size of the container to be held.

  • Standard depth of a Euro (600 x 400mm) trolley is 660mm
  • Standard depth of a Bakery (30” x 18”) trolley is 830mm

This is the term we use to describe the distance front-to-back of a Euro shelving rack. There are three standard depths; 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. Although, it is also possible to make special bespoke shelving in a narrow 300mm deep and larger depths up to 1200mm in 100mm increments.

Back Stop

It is standard practice to include a ‘back stop’ vertical tube set in the back frame to stop a container being pushed right through.

If you want access from both sides, then you can request for a trolley without a back stop.


Floor Clearance

This is distance from floor to the underside of the trolley frame, when we use standard 125mm wheels; the floor clearance of a trolley is 160mm.

If you require stainless steel castors, then the floor clearance is 130mm.

Height / Vertical Shelf Space

This is the gap between each rail level which is achieved by using spacer tubes to a set length when we construct your trolley. Tube lengths are determined by the height clearance required for the containers to be held in the trolley.

These vertical spacing tubes are pre-determined and can’t be changed. It is therefore important to choose the right trolley for the containers / trays to be stored.

Trolley Only / Prep Table

All containers trolleys are made to hold only containers or trays and the overall height is normally above 1000mm high.

The same style can also be used to hold containers in a ‘Prep Table’ which are mobile lower height container trolley with a worktop / table top fitted. They are normally at a height of 960mm high to be used as a preparation table.


Key Features

  • All Plastic design
  • Strong and durable construction, yet lightweight to handle
  • Braked wheels fitted as standard
  • Smooth ‘splinter free’ surface - easy to clean
  • Hygienic food approved use
  • All areas of storage use
  • Cold rooms and freezer safe
  • Temperature resistance -40°C to +80°C
  • Fully assembled ready to use


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Hygienic Modular
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