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Features - Euro Shelving



Plastic Euro shelving comes flat-packed for quick and simple self-assembly, no special skills are necessary. There are no bolts to tighten or brackets to clip in, simply slot it together in a matter of minutes.

Shelving Lengths

Euro shelving is available in standard length racks; 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

If the standard sizes does not fit the wall length you have, don’t worry we can make bespoke shelving lengths to fit neatly along your wall. A single length of shelving can be produced from 600mm up to 3000mm.

Shelving Depth

This is the term we use to describe the distance front-to-back of a Euro shelving rack. There are three standard depths; 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. Although, it is also possible to make special bespoke shelving in a narrow 300mm deep and larger depths up to 1200mm in 100mm increments.

Rail Gaps

Each slatted Euro shelf has 50mm gaps between the length-bars.


Floor Clearance

This is distance from floor to the underside of first shelf. The minimum floor clearance possible for static shelving is 120mm. Although, standard static Euro shelving is supplied with small feet to give 200mm clearance, these simply slot onto the bottom tube of a standard bottom shelf.

Special larger floor clearance can also be supplied in 50mm increments.

Adjustable Feet

It is also possible to request adjustable feet for all static shelving racks.

There are two types;

  • Standard with a plastic thread load rated at 150kg each.
    General use to level racks on uneven floors.
    Recommended adjustment – 20mm


  • Heavy duty Euro type with metal thread rated at 400kg each.
    Heavier loaded racking to level racks on uneven floors can also be used as a fixing point to the floor.
    Recommended adjustment – 30mm

Vertical Shelf Space (Free Shelf Space)

This is the gap between shelf levels which is achieved by the positioning of ‘H-Frames’.

These vertical spacing tubes determine the distance between each shelf level; we call this the ‘Free Shelf Space’. These H-frames locate onto round tubes protruding above and below each intermediate shelf.

Standard shelf spaces available are; 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm and 600mm. Special larger shelf spaces can also be supplied in 50mm increments.

Mobile Shelving

All static Euro shelving can be supplied as mobile shelving, with wheels pre-fitted to the bottom shelf. It is common practice to fit 2 braked wheels on all mobile racks. As hygiene and high quality is very important to us, we only fit Stainless Steel castors with 100mm nylon wheels. They are of a high quality and the stainless material ensures they will not rust, lasting many years. These castors are rated 125kg per wheel.
Single bay racks are fitted with 4 swivel wheels, 2 of which are braked. Double bay racks are fitted with 6 swivel wheels, 2 of which are braked.
This is distance from floor to the underside of first shelf of a mobile rack is 180mm, this is set by the size of wheels used and cannot be changed.




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Hygienic Modular
Plastic Storage System