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REA Mobile Plastic Shelving

REA Plasrack mobile plastic shelving racks are available in all the standard sizes offered within the static Euro shelving range. Mobile plastic racking is supplied flat-packed for a quick and easy self-assembly, no special skills are necessary. There are no bolts to tighten or brackets to clip in, simply slot it together in a matter of minutes; each rack comes with wheels pre-fitted to the bottom shelf.

We strongly believe that quality is paramount to our customers, which in turn gives peace of mind that your investment in REA Plasrack mobile plastic racking, is a long-term one. Many alternatives use a zinc plated castor and within a short time the coating can break down and rust can develop, especially in wet environments. This is not acceptable where hygiene is paramount throughout the food industry, which is why ALL our mobile shelving racks are fitted with stainless steel castors, which comply with the NSF sanitation requirements for hygiene. It is also standard practice to fit 2 braked castors on all racks.

Stainless steel castors used on all mobile plastic racking are load rated at 125kg per wheel.

Like all REA Plasrack products, mobile racking is extremely strong and durable in design; they are very easy to clean with their smooth plastic surface. Constructed to the highest standard, they are suitable for use in all types of storage situations, from dry store rooms to high care food production areas, cold rooms, chillers and freezers. Made from food grade plastic, all mobile racking now hold the NSF strict sanitation certification mark for hygiene.

Floor Clearance is distance from floor to the underside of first shelf; this is 180mm and cannot be altered.

Vertical Shelf Space (Free Shelf Space) is the gap between shelf levels which is achieved by the positioning of ‘H-Frames’. These vertical spacing tubes determine the distance between each shelf level; we call this the ‘Free Shelf Space’. These H-frames locate onto round tubes protruding above and below each intermediate shelf. Standard shelf spaces available are; 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm and 600mm. Special larger shelf spaces can also be supplied in 50mm increments.

Safe working height is important to consider when choosing a mobile plastic rack. We will always offer advice as to what height and depth rack will be safe to use for your application. However, ultimately it is up to our customers to ensure their operatives work safely when moving mobile racks around the workplace. Top-sets fitted to the top shelf are a useful way to help prevent goods sliding off the end of mobile racks.

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Hygienic Modular
Plastic Storage System