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Custom Fit Shelving

One of the benefits of choosing REA Plasrack for your storage shelving and racking is the flexibility to produce bespoke lengths of shelving to fit any size room. Any professional with tell you, there is generally little room for expansion in store rooms; in fact it is nearly always necessary to juggle with space. It is therefore good to know that with REA Plasrack shelving you can fit out your room with the confidence you will not waste any space.

Our plastic shelving is suitable for all type of dry store rooms and kitchen pantries, in addition can be used for cold rooms, fridges and walk-in freezer racking.

When using only standard racks for the corners, where-by one pushes up against another, you are left with a post on the front corner. This can be a big inconvenience and block access to goods, by using bespoke corner shelving; we eliminate this problem and leave free access to the corner shelving. This can be achieved by using a combination of standard racks and corner racks, made to suit the wall space available.

Corner racks are very much like a standard shelving rack; however one of the end posts is set back from the end, which leaves a short overhang. When this rack is pushed up against the face of an opposing rack, the corner access is improved.

Lean-on racks are normally used for shorter length, up to 1200mm long and have shelf hangers fitted to one end and normal post on the other end. These plastic shelf hangers enable each shelf to hook onto the front rail of an opposing rack. The shelf spaces of these two racks must be the same, you are then left with a large open access corner.

Bridging shelves are used in a similar way to Lean-on racks, only both ends have shelf hangers fitted and each shelf hooks in-between two racks facing one-another. These are again used on shorter lengths, to create a ‘U’ shape shelving layout.


How to contact us about a Custom Fit Shelving

Click on either one of the options below for ‘L’ Shape or ‘U’ Shape layout, from here you can submit an enquiry with room sizes and preferred layout. We will contact you to discuss our made to measure plastic shelving. If you prefer to give us a call, then please do and we will be more than happy to help advice and quote.



Custom Fit Shelving


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