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Platform & Dunnage Racks

REA Plasrack platform racks are a single level raised shelf. They are a simple and effective way to store products and goods off the floor, in a safe and hygienic manor, thus complying with hygiene regulations.
Platforms and Dunnage racks are made from a food grade PVC tubing bars, spaced apart to create a slatted surface. They are incredibly strong and durable, yet lightweight to handle and very easy to keep clean, will not rust or corrode.

Load capabilities of all standard platform racks are 200kg per metre length. However with the addition of extra feet such as in Dunnage racks, loading can be increased.

Depths available in our standard range are 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. Although it is also possible to make special bespoke platforms in a narrow 300mm deep and larger depths up to 1200mm.

Lengths available for standard platforms are 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm. However, we can also produce any custom size platforms from 600mm up to 3000mm long in one piece.

Height of a standard platform rack is 250mm as this will allow good access below for cleaning and is high enough to comply with NSF strict sanitation requirement for hygiene as well as satisfying the EHO. This minimum height is advisable in areas of high care food storage and you can also request taller feet, if it is necessary. In areas of low care where the height is less important, you can use a lower platform at 170mm height.

Dunnage racks are practically the same as standard platforms; however they are generally constructed with an additional foot in the middle of a 1000mm length. This extra foot increases the weight loading up to 300kg per metre length. Dunnage racks are the ideal solution for heavy bottle drinks storage and sacks of produce.

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Hygienic Modular
Plastic Storage System