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Mobile Container Trolleys

Mobile container trolleys are a very effective way to store and handle plastic stacking containers, boxes and trays. Trolleys have individual rails which allow each container to sit or hang on, depending on their type, allowing them to easily slide out acting like drawers. You will have good access to a containers content which minimises lifting of heavy boxes to access stock.

All mobile container trolleys comply with NSF strict sanitation requirement for hygiene as well as satisfying many standard EHO hygiene regulations. They are made entirely from a food grade plastic and will not rust or corrode, are resistant to salts, acids and with their smooth surface, are extremely easy to clean.

Trolleys are available for standard Euro sized boxes (600 x 400mm) and Bakery trays (30” x 18”) as well as many other types of container and trays. We have a number of different specification trolleys to suit a variety of depth containers. The height of a trolley is determined by the number of ‘Tiers’ or levels of container positions. The quantity of containers in one unit is also determined by the container depth, the shallower the container, the greater number can be stored in one single stack trolley. Deeper containers take up more height and therefore less can be used in one single stack trolley.

It is possible to produce trolleys to hold two or three stacks of containers, positioned side-by-side in one larger mobile trolley. When choosing a double or triple trolley, it is important to consider the overall size and your access through doorways. All trolleys come fully assembled in a fixed construction, therefore can’t be dismantled, like Euro shelving racks.

Trolleys are fitted with strong plastic castors which have a non-marking 125mm rubber tread wheel, rated at 90kg per wheel. Alternatively, you can choose stainless steel castors with a 100mm nylon wheel; these are rated at 125kg per wheel. It is standard practice to fit two braked wheels on the front corners of all trolleys, unless otherwise requested.

A Container back stop is the vertical pole fitted on the rear of each container trolley, to prevent boxes being pushed out the back. It is possible to have trolleys made without this back stop pole, if you want access to trays from both sides.

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Hygienic Modular
Plastic Storage System