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Euro Container Trolleys

REA Plasrack Euro container trolleys are made from all plastic food grade material, suitable to hold the Euro 600 x 400mm type containers and boxes, which either sit or hang on the trolley rails. This design is a convenient method to store and handle containers in a safe and hygienic way. Euro trolleys have smooth plastic rails which act like runners for Euro containers to slide out on like a drawer, which in turn minimises lifting of heavy boxes. There is a large choice of trolleys from 4 tiers up to 15 tier specifications, depending on the depth and style of container.

Euro container trolleys can also be produced in special double or even triple stack trolleys to hold more trays in one complete unit. It is also possible to mix up the combination of container depths on one plastic trolley.

We fit strong plastic castors with 125mm non-marking rubber tread wheel as standard. However we also offer trolleys with stainless steel castors and 100mm nylon wheels. Both wheel types will satisfy EHO hygiene regulations as well as being NSF compliant. If you have any special wheel requirements REA Plasrack can help to accommodate this as well.

Suitable for use in many different areas such as; cold rooms, freezers, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, butcher shops, bakery and deli shops, food production factories, hospitals,  pharmaceutical, general warehouse and many more.

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Hygienic Modular
Plastic Storage System